Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been crazy busy at camp (do you see a theme here with me, always busy?) and with life.

This weekend my boy is away at sleep away camp for the weekend. It's like a trial weekend with another camp in the camp group I work for/the kids go to.

Very weird. The house has no fighting but Little Miss is talking my ear off.

Anyone want a sweet 6 1/2 year old girl? (Just for the weekend though).

Anyhoo, I have been busy creating.

Here is a little looksie:

The bracelets I made with glass beads, some with a fimo type bead and some with decorative flower/spacer beads on a memory wire.

It reminded me of my grandma and how she used to love making jewelry and I loved making it with her.

The sign was made from wrapping papers that I bought last year in Wisconsin. It is a map of the city of Paris that I ripped then put onto the painted board (I mixed a paint color that I pulled from the map). I stenciled the saying and then applied two coats of RL Smoke Glaze.

Actually more than that done but I am giving the short version I would be more than happy to post a tutorial and probably will next week when I do my next piece that is in the works.

This saying I saw on a blog after a friend told me about it (it may be from the same source but we can't figure that part out). When I did the search to find it for this post I saw that it has been in many places (Domino Magazine to name one).

I am so proud of my accomplishments in these past few weeks.

I look forward to some more creativity flowing from me. I have a few thoughts in the works. And maybe, just maybe I will get some stuff up on Etsy.


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  1. art looks so good and LOVE the bracelets!!
    makin the most of camp life :)