Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trying Something New

Trying something new....

Tomorrow I am going to try something from the Barefoot Contessa - still deciding.

A few chicken dishes but I am truly DYING to try to make these Macarons.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Weigh In

After not losing last week I was determined to do better this week.

And I did.

I lost 1.1

I am very happy.

That brings my total to 14.1 lbs since Dec. 1st.

My pants were falling down yesterday - but I love those boyfriend jeans.

I have some really good friends who offer great motivation and encouragement - we work at it together.

Have a happy weekend!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fabulous Wrap

Just yesterday in the midst of all my chaos a friend and I decided to do dinner (heck I couldn't wash dishes).

So we decided to get the kids *Burger King*

Don't throw tomatoes at me, it happens, I give in here and there (not often but if you deprive them they will seek it out more - IMHO).

However, she was in the mood for a Wrap - specifically Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella with a little Balsamic.

So we headed to DeCicco's - a little upscale/gourmet Italian Market.

We got our fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Whole Wheat Wraps and Romaine. We also got Annie's HomeGrown Balsamic Vinaigrette (she did not like it).

I also got myself a nice piece of Eggplant. It is so delish from this place my daughter eats it unheted.

We got home, fed the children and then proceeded to make our lovely wraps.

I told you I would make something new each week and I have not been so good lately.

Here is my Wrap:

1 Slice of fried eggplant
2-3 oz fresh Mozzarella
2 leaves of romaine
some fresh basil (to your liking)
1 Whole Wheat Wrap
Annie's Home Grown Balsamic Vinaigrette

It was so good. I might have to make this more often.


Water, Water Everywhere

We have been House owners for a little over a year now.

Before that we lived in a building on the water facing NYC. We owned it but we had the luxury of living in a Co-Op so basically whenever there was a home issue we called Mooch the building Supervisor.

Any little thing, we called him.

We wanted to sell our first place we called his Assistant Louis (who was also a great cat sitter when we went away).

When we wanted to move from one place to the other, they did it. Move out completely, they did it. We were very lucky (and clueless).

Yesterday hubby calls me from the basement to point out a leak. Just great! Did I mention that is was snowing non-stop again, yesterday?

Going back and forth I try to think of who to call and then call my best friend's father/brother. They are like family, I lived with them back in the day. They'll take care of me.

Big Bro tells me he will be over in a little.

He comes (with his cute assistant - his son who is off from school for the day) and tells me he does not have the part. He can get it tomorrow - don't use the kitchen sink, downstairs bathroom and the dishwasher.

Woo Hoo I am eating out!

A little while later, after telling my kids not to use the kitchen sink, my son used it.

I go to check to see if it leaked too much and guess what????

There is water all over my basement (and BTW my basement is the storage facility for my Tricky Tray event) BUT it was not from that original leak.

My water heater was leaking large AMOUNTS of WATER.

I call big bro in a panic and he says, "turn off the water supply to the house and I will be back after I finish a job."

My friend came over with her shop vac and helped clean up all the water - thankfully prizes were not damaged.

He comes, the water heater is SHOT!
He does not have one and neither does his suppliers but he figured this was the issue so on his way over he got me one that will be delivered at 7:30.

**Well, he came over while I was out working and by the time I was done (he was here less than two hours) he installed my new water heater and fixed my leaky pipe.

All is well.

Now I can take a relaxing bath, surrounded by water the way I like to be.

** Oh how I miss the good ole days of calling Mooch

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The only true gift is a portion of yourself

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all *hopefully* have lots of love in our hearts. Today we share them with our loves and each other and ourselves.

I will spend my day with my loves.

Do stuff that I love.

And be loved.

Here are some pictures showing love in different ways.


XOXO - Zizette

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I recall once I moved to NY to live with my dad way back when I never knew anything of snow days or cancellations or delays. I lived in sunny Southern California, what is a snow day?

Years later as I started to work in a school I started to appreciate snow days even more.

Now I have children.

Need I say more?

I love my kids but seriously, they were home on Monday for a "professional development day" and right now, as much as my children love each other, they also REALLY love to ANNOY each other, MORE.

So, this big storm was said to be coming. I was prepping the kids. Here they have all sorts of folk lore - you know, sleep with your jammies inside out, put spoons under your pillows and then you will have a SNOW DAY.

(Last week they did this and it got them a 2 hour delay - which the phone call came at 5 am)

BUT, today the Mayor of NYC calls a SNOW DAY for NYC schools - ToTalLy UnHeArD of! This NEVER happens - so maybe the weatherman is getting it right.

My friends all are calling me, "have you heard anything, when are they going to call it?" I say it won't be until the parents get home tonight.

Said friend calls me later and tells me, another friend works for
the paper and they say school is cancelled - I tell her to go to the district website and guess what - it is cancelled.

So, it is a SNOW DAY tomorrow.

I assure you it will be a great day. I did my shopping today (even got the kiddies their S'Mores ingredients - YAY ME!).

Hubby got wood for the fireplace all stacked and ready (also 2 bottles of wine for mama).

We will have a nice day, I have the supplies for cooking and baking and the kids can spend the day making Valentines cards (otherwise I will be buying them on Thursday).

So we will have an awesome SNOW DAY!!

(I do have to say, I do love a snow day because even home with fighting children, children begging to play in the snow, begging to sled/be with their friends I get to spend the day with my kiddies).

Lots of fun to be had by all.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Acts of Kindness

I love acts of kindness.

I try to do them as much as possible, I try to get my children to be aware of them and do them themselves for others.

Their school has a program called Kindness Counts where every time they are "caught" doing an act of kindness they drop a ball in a big jar in the school office. The goal is 500. They will make it. My children have each gotten a chance to drop a ball in the jar.

We donate regularly to those less fortunate than we are, it's important to show this to your kids.

They need to know. They donated change in their school for Haiti.

I wasn't planning on this as my post but I was watching tv and they showed the guy Danny from Biggest Loser. WOW. The Doctors are giving him a tummy tuck and breast reduction. He was so grateful.

He worked hard. Not saying the skin removal is something that is important but they felt that was something they could give him. It made me cry. (I know I am such a sap)

I know that many people here are very kind - some came together for Haiti and others make their contributions elsewhere.

I applaud everyone and we should keep up the good work.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pillow Love

I love pillows.

I don't have lots of pillows.

I think I love the thought of pillows.

Today I was out trying to drum up donations for my fundraiser.

I was waiting for Cheesecake Factory to open up and decided to check out Restoration


Now I am on a SERIOUS budget - it's actually no budget right now but a spending freeze.

I found the most awesome pillows for my family room.

They are SCREAMING my name, Zizette, Zizette, Zizette......


I want them but I can wait. They also had curtains to match in a way so we shall see. So far it goes with my minds eye and vision. The room is white wainscoting/paneling around the room and then Benjamin Moore Texas Leather on top.

I'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Having a Senior Moment

Today I chose to be lazy.

I never do, I am always go, go, go.

Today I did.

I was having a little pity party for myself.

Finally get motivated, the kids will be home soon.

I take my walk to the bus stop.



Bus comes (as I stand there with another mother).

Jerry the bus driver stops. Gets on his intercom, then says,

"None of yours are on the bus."


Oh yea, they have extra help today. I tell the other mother and she says, "Oh yea so does Morgan."

So off we go to our respective houses laughing about our mistake.

See, either I am not perfect or I was having a senior moment.

Monday, February 1, 2010

With Honors

Today it's official, I have a Masters of Science in Teaching Students with Disabilities!

It's been three years of work. Night school. Summer school.


Thanks to the wonderful help of my children, my husband, parents and friends.

I could not have done it without their support, love and help (babysitting, understanding, patience).

I am off today to go to the University to pick up my final transcripts so I can send them to the proper Education Departments so I can be licensed.

Than, hopefully I can have the job I want.

I was just checking to see if the "Unofficial" transcript said anything and it did. It said I have the degree but it also said "WITH HONORS!"

I had no idea and I wasn't even thinking about that. So very happy!!!!