Saturday, June 25, 2011

Schools Out for Summer


The kids had their last day of school yesterday.  I can't believe it, 2nd and 4th grade FLEW by!  The kids have had some parties, some long play dates  (uh-hem excuse my now 5th grader tells me it's hanging out, NOT play date) and some really short days of school.  Can you believe the kids had a full day on Monday but T-W-TH they went to school for 2 1/2 hours and on Friday a mere hour and a half?  Crazy I tell ya!

They are done and Sam did well on his report card.  So proud and Maya, well she left hers at her friend's house - it fell out of the bag.  No worries I am sure she did well too.

It has been Crazy raining here which caused many a graduation parties to be canceled - bummer.  My County was called into a stat of emergency and I got a major leak.  Now to look for that problem and where it is coming from and where it's going.

But that's for another time.

The kids and I are doing something different this year.  Usually we go to camp.  Sam wasn't too interested and did not want to go and I had an opportunity to work at my school and make some very nice money.  The kids will be doing Gymnastics and I am trying to get her into Brownie camp with all her girlies.  Sam will be doing Lego/Space camp and possibly Boy Scout camp with his buds.  This is something new and we will see how it goes.  Lots of their friends are around so it will be interesting.  Most go to camp but some are around.  I only have to work six weeks so after that we are going to gave fun.  AND big bonus for me, the kids will go to CT for a week.

I love summer.  I LOVE the beach.  We will be going often as much as we can.  We the pool (thank goodness my parent's have one and they live around the corner).  I love the BBQs and we will be setting up our fire pit this weekend.  I am excited, now just stop raining.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Running Journal {Week 5}

Okay I know I have not kept you in the loop about my running but being a teacher and a mom at the end of the school year is Brutal.

So this week I will do another condensed version of all three days for ya.

Day 1 - The usual 5 minute warm up, the repetitions of 5 minute jogs, 3 minute walks to complete 20 minutes, then the 5 minute cool down.

Not bad. Easy Peasy.  Pretty good.

Day 2 - 5 Minute warm up then repetitions of 8 minute jogs, 5 minute walk and then the 5 minute cool down.  This one I had to do twice because in one of the runs I went up hill and it killed me. The second time I did it I was on the Treadmill and it was okay.  I almost had thoughts that this would be the end for me.  I felt so discouraged before the second go around but everything I have read is that if the run is hard do it again until you feel comfortable.  So I did just that, did it over.  There is no specific reason that you have to do it one way, this is a guideline.  I like it either way and it's making me feel good.

Day 3 - A 20 minute run!  Holy Cow.  I stressed for days about this one too.  Even told my APE teacher at school that I was nervous and unsure I would be able to complete.  Guess what??  I did it no problem! I was shocked!  So proud of myself and I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE ABLE TO RUN 20 MINUTES.  EVER.

Life shocks you sometimes BUT in these 5 weeks I have not really lost weight.  I have maintained.  We'll see as the weeks go by.  I think I will register for my first 5K this week.

Happy Running.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Running Journal {week 4}

This running thing isn't so bad.

I am getting the hang of it and loving it BUT I have not lost weight. WTH?

True I may snack here and there but in all truth I think I have been doing really well. Some people talk of losing inches (I don't measure myself) and others talk of building muscle. I just wantnto lose that damn c-section belly. No matter what it is still there. The only time I didn't have it was when I did the South Beach diet but kidney stones were not a good alternative to a flat belly. I hope when I am really running that it will subside but then it will be summertime and then the Mojitos contribute to the belly. I'll have to save those for the special occasions ;) if you kaon what I mean.

Still I like it and I am plugging away at it.

Happy running!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Misunderstood} Friends

Have you ever had moments that your friends took and twisted it the wrong way?  Normally I would not post about something such as this but I post about my life and we're girlfriends here so, I figured give it a go.

I usually work at a camp for my summers.  My kids go for free and I am able to do crafts all day. Win win, right?  It is really but this year I had an amazing opportunity at my job that would benefit my family, so I took the leap.  I emailed the camp and let them know I needed to take care of some family business.  That was a week ago.

Today a friend emails me that she is last to know.  I said there was no intention there I was keeping it private for numerous reasons. She continued to let me know I embarrassed her by not letting her know and etc.  I apologized and said I was really thinking of my feelings and not her and the intention was not to hurt her.  I also told her of a situation recently where I was left out of a party of hers and never said a word, because those things happen and I don't need to be included in everything she does.  She gets mad, I explain myself and so on.

Where do I go now?  I never meant to hurt her, I wasn't even thinking of her feelings through this whole process.  She tells me she will give me a list of people who know - well I only told 2 people (one of those is my supervisor who emailed me after the director emailed her).  I am too old for this stuff.

Any advice will be appreciated.  I am at a loss of for words (for once).


Monday, June 6, 2011

Running Journal {week 3}

Week 3.

I will condense it into one post so it's not three short posts.

This week the three runs were the same: alternating between 90 seconds run/walk, 3 minute runs/walk. Two times each.

Not bad at all. I liked it and I am so pumped. I look forward to running. SICK. So. Not. Me.

But I am feeling good. I cannot believe that I am in this place. I hope I continue. Please give me strength to go on.

Happy running.


End of the {school} Year

It is the end of the year for me. Which translates into BUSY. Now I am also down a computer, seems that my beloved son and a DVD got caught in the DVD player of the laptop. Have no fear, Apple fixed it and I have to pick it tomorrow.

I am still running and will be updating you on my progress. I am trying to get it all together for the end of year activities in school.

Ta-ta till later.