Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Silly Bandz (and a little giveaway)

Do you have these bands of wonder?

These silly little rubber bands that come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

You know they wrap around your wrist or the wrist of your child like those old black rubber bracelets made famous by Madonna (ooh, am I dating myself?).

Well, they have taken over my neck of the woods.

The kids were not allowed to wear them in school (at least not in Ms. Moon's class). They are trading them, swapping them, even stealing them.

There are rainbow ones, glow in the dark ones, even tie-dyed ones.

The kids cry for them. Once they were not to be found, now they are all over.

Funny though, I even have one.

A polar bear, that to my surprise late Saturday night I found out Glows!

See we all have a little bit of child left in us.

So in honor of the Silly Band and the child in all of us I am hosting a little giveaway.
Leave a comment and I will put your name in a little giveaway for the kiddies in your life (or yourself). I will be giving away an assortment of Silly Bandz (5 packages) to the lucky winner.
I will pick the name on Friday after 8pm. Tell your friends if you'd like, it's open to anyone.

Good Luck.



  1. I'm going to give away my ancient age by confessing that I've never heard of them until now. But they are fun! No wonder kids love 'em. Neat giveaway!


  2. You are not dating yourself ~ really Ziz!! lol I remember them from the 80's too!

  3. Hey Madonna was cool. My kids are nuts over these crazy things. I don't get it. I guess that is dating myself. My parents didn't get my things either. My daughter has 5 dogs.

  4. aw, these are cute. my friend has one so she'd be excited to get more. they are fun and silly and cute.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  5. Some teenage girls in my husband's family just introduced these to our 3 year old. He seem quite intrigued. :)

  6. ooooooh silly bandz-give em up girl!

  7. My kids would love these!