Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp is here

I am so excited!  It is camp season.  The kids were excited today to go back to camp, see old friends, make new ones and have a blast.
Last year I was a little disappointed in one of the counselors or group of counselors that one of my children had.  It seemed to me they really did not care about my child per se and that upset me.  I let my feelings be known and "harped" a little at times about things I felt were important and maybe "overlooked" because I work there perhaps.  So I did not know what to expect this year, secretly hoping that a babysitter we use would be a counselor for someone in our family and just hoping it wasn't the same as last year.

Well, this am we go to camp and were greeted by AMAZING counselors!!!!  Bubbly, enthusiastic, excited to meet my child!!  I then come to find out later on when I met the group leader, she is amazing too.  She is actually related to a classmate of one of my children and is the sister of a woman (parent of child we know and are in class with) I know.   I am so happy!  I know it will be a great summer. (Meanwhile, other than the sunburn my child really had no idea about my being upset about the counselor last year as nothing was ever done to harm my child).

My other child's counselors are Kyle and I don't know and I forgot.  Interesting names, huh?

Still I am excited and then fell asleep 5 minutes into the ride home from camp, good day.

Here's our picture from last year as I am too lazy to go downstairs and get my camera to download the pictures.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Giveaway Here

Hey there, I was just introduced to this great blog Isabella & Max Rooms and she is having an awesome giveaway.

Go on over and check it out (the blog and the giveaway).


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Classic look

I have ALWAYS loved the classic look of Audrey Hepburn.  I wear it often.  I see that many of my new blogging friends love the whites and shades of whites look and I have started to dabble in it a bit but I love the look of black and white.  I love her look, everything about it.

I have several of these (both the shoes and the pants):
Some of these:
A few of these items set me up for the day.  Have a great one!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Heart - Tagged

My lovely friend Lori over at Wildflowers tagged me the other day.  I haven't done it yet as I needed time to think.  I met Lori almost 10 years ago while planning my wedding.  
Here goes it:
With as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, a poem, a song (or piece of music), a phrase (or quote), an item of clothing, a place, and (just for fun) 
a Disney princess. If you want to join in, tag 6 more blogs." 

A Picture:
Nothing says more about than these two.

A Song: Beloved Wife - Natalie Merchant
You were the love
for certain of my lifeyou were simply my beloved wife
I don't know for certain how I'll live my life
now alone without my beloved wife
my beloved wifeI can't believe I've lost the very best of me
you were the love
for certain of my life you were simply my beloved wife
I don't know for certain
how I'll live my lifenow alone without my beloved wife
my beloved wife I can't believe
I've lost the very best of me
you were the love
for certain of my lifefor 50 years simply my beloved wife
with another love I'll never lye againit's you I can't deny
it's you I can't defy
a depth so deepinto my griefwithout my beloved soul
I renounce my life
as my right
now alone without my beloved wifemy beloved wife my beloved wife
my love is gone she suffered long
in hours of pain
my love is gone
now my suffering beginsmy love is gone
would it be wrong if I shouldsurrender all the joy in my life
go with her tonight?
my love is gone she suffered 
long in hours of pain
my love is gone
would it be wrong if I should
just turn my face away from 
the lightgo with her tonight?
The song reminds me of my grandparents.
A Phrase:
Live Life Joyfully
A Piece of clothing, well yoga pants.  I love them and live in them.

A Place:

A Disney Princess: I guess the old favorite has always been Cinderella but I do favor the Little Mermaid and Snow White (she did after all get men to work ;) )

I will not ask anyone else to participate, however if you would like to I would love to know more about you.  This took me more than a week with school ending and camp starting and me wanting to take my time with it.


Last Days of School

Here in the NorthEast school has not ended, at least for my school where I work and my children's school.  I cannot believe school is over, my baby has finished her first year of school.  Her Kindergarten year, there's no turning back now.
The first day of school back in September
I am so proud of her.  She finished a milestone in her life and had a blast.
This is her now, full of attitude and ready to take on first grade.

Where did the time go?  I can recall exactly how it was the day I brought my son home from the hospital and then the same for his sister and now they are going into 1st and 3rd grade.  I need to remember that is exactly why I do all that I do.  Why I work at camp to be there for them, to give them that experience.

I love my children and I am so happy that they are enjoying life.

School will be over on Friday and then we go into the groove of camp.  Here we come!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Island of Viagra

I know it sounds bizarre but Friday night I had come back from my parent's house with the kids and there was this commercial on the TV that had a beautiful beach, sunny weather and gorgeous scenery.  My kids then say, "Can we go to the Island of Viagra?"  Ken and I were on the floor laughing.  We did not know what to say except for "Uh, I don't think we can go there, it's too far away."

I have shared the comment with a few friends and everyone got quite a chuckle out of it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Savannah's Giveaway

My friend Melaine is is going away this weekend and she is so gracious to host a giveaway here to console us while she is gone.

I love giveaways......

Lots of luck.

Summer Do

Today I got myself my Summer Do.  I got the whole works: hi-light, root lift and cut.  Now I have been going to the same guy for probably 15 years with a few strays in between.  He knows my hair and does it fabulously.  Last year he cut me back into a bob and I was happy.  Today I needed change.  I LOVE IT!!!  It is VERY blonde and very easy (so he says after he puts 3 products in my hair).

Me trying to not look at the screen

Me looking out the shaded window

Now I am off to Beach Day at the kid's school.  Gotta get some sunscreen on my little lady.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cherished Momento

Have you ever had something that had such beautiful memories attached to it?  It may not have been the most beautiful item or something another would look at and say, "I want that!" but something that held a special memory for you.  Well, I have a few of those and they are attached to my grandma Minnie.  Yes, her name was Minnie and my grandpa was Izzy.  So, it was Minnie and Izzy Gold (just like their hearts).  I loved them to pieces.  I think that is where I channel my creative side, from Minnie.  We would make jewelry and crafts together.  Go to Craft fairs.  I even recall one year when I was living in NY and she in her retirement community of Sun City, Arizona I decided unexpectedly to fly out for Thanksgiving.  The whole family would be coming to her annual Thanksgiving dinner (some from San Diego and others from AZ).  She told no one because it was our little secret (not even my own mother) and when I arrived at an early hour she was delighted to open the door to announce me.  She was truly the best, like no other.

So, when she passed away 11 years ago I was devastated, but that is for another posting about love and life.  My grandfather was put into a special home for people with Alzheimers and they (my mom, aunt and uncle) were "dividing" up the things in their home.  They told everyone to "mark with a post it" what they desired.  I didn't wan
t jewelry and such as my grandmother had given me her wedding bands 4 months prior to her dying (of which I gave one to my cousin since Grandma didn't give her a particular piece of jewelry - but kept the origonal and sentimental one for myself).  I just want a painting she had in all of her homes since I could remember as it always reminded me of her, even to the point that my best friend's parents have a painting by the same artist and it always reminds me of my grandparents. Then I wanted something so profoundly silly but again, it was a fixture in her home.  
Where or where in my home does this fit?  It fits anywhere I want as when I  look at it I see my grandma and her quirky taste.  I absolutely love it.

There's a picture that I have yet to hang in my home, I think I know where I want it to go but not sure.  It's one of those things I just have to do.  I'll have to show you when I actually do it. I wanted to add it into the blog but it is still wrapped in bubble wrap in my room.  Maybe tomorrow I will take it out and hang it up.

Do you have something that floods you with memories, that you love? 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


These are my most favorite flower that comes in a bouquet.  I have many favorite flowers but if I am to get flowers I love a nice bouquet of yellow roses, even on the beloved red rose day.  Today I got my own bouquet from my lovely husband for our anniversary.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hubby's 40th Celebration

Kenstock is the name of my hubby's party for his 40th birthday.  I am busy planning away for such a fun venue.  It will include some trivia like:
What famous walk took place on July 20, 1969?

What famous musical event took place in the summer of '69?

I am planning on quite a few good things besides the trivia.  I am getting Kenstock Tye Dyed T-shirts, good food and drink and of course music.  I will be thinking of some other stuff like getting that counter into my kitchen, stringing the lights in my screened in porch, getting outdoor carpeting for the porch and the ceiling fan installed.

Lots to do in a months time.  Busy bee.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Summer To Be

I am fortunate enough to be able to have summers off since I work in the school system.  So, I choose to work in a day camp that I went to as a kid and a camp that I send my children to.  Last year was my first summer there and I was given the Area called The Design Center.  At first I was a bit hesitant since I would love to scrapbook and such but never really did a lot of it. But they had faith in my (and I myself) and it was awesome!  I was paired with another woman who it was also her first year (previous year she was in the office).  We had a really good time.  It also gave me a chance to find out what actually works and doesn't.  

Yesterday I had to go in to prepare.  Unpack all of my boxes of supplies that I ordered (so much fun, like Christmas, opening all of the boxes, seeing the stuff I actually ordered months ago, reminded of all the crafts I had thought about for these children), put it away and organized.  My partner in crime is a little OCD, by her own admission and she is terrified of all sorts of bugs (we are in the middle of the woods by the way) so it makes for an interesting day.  We had a good time.  Carmela last year would always ask for things I didn't have for let's say the decorate me memory boxes and I kept that in mind this year when ordering, everytime I opened a box with something I knew she would like I would say, "I know you will love this." She was shrieking with joy.  What a happy day.   

The Area I am includes the girls (they only come to me) take pictures, come back and do a craft with those pictures.  I wanted my stuff to be quality.  This year we will be doing magnets, paperweights, boxes, scrapbooks and so much more.  I am so excited.

A little of this
We have a few of these
We'll do some of these

We'll use some of these

And the best part is that everyone is there cleaning their areas, so a lot of purging of old supplies is being done.  I got some cool tine buckets, pins, and crayola digital cameras for the kids.  I have an awesome idea for the tins but will show you later today after I purchase two things I need to complete the project.

I am so excited for this summer.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Master Bedroom

I have a lovely sized bedroom.  In fact in all of our homes we have had a decent sized Master Bedroom.  In this house we have lots of room and some nooks and crannies.  We have a dormer in our room that the old owners had a little secretary's desk with an old lamp on it.  I plan to put my dressing table and mirror there.  I was going to do a desk but then a friend said, "you know you are putting a make up table there."  And I thought for a moment and said, "hell yeah."  And the idea was born, so was/is the search for the perfect table.  I wanted a writers desk because that would be great for the space but I bought one for Sam's room and it would take up half of the space that is there.  Might not work.  Then I saw a great sofa table that is the PERFECT width (it was at the same unfinished wood place I bought the writer's desk at, I guess next trip to Connecticut will include getting the table.  I have to stain it the same color as my furniture since the  mirror is that color or go completely crazy and paint it something entirely different.  A piece I loved included this:

and I love this bedroom for inspiration

I would just love to add an element of this and that to make it complete.  I love forward to tackling these fun projects soon.  I am already working on my family wall for a large wall in our bedroom hallway.
More Inspiration
I think I will have to get myself one of those comforters/duvets/down comforter thingys.  I want my bed to swallow me up.  Any ideas?  I am on the hunt.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy Shoppe

Long been the one to have lots of creative ideas but never the right motivation to finally do it, until now.  Over the past few weeks I have come across some AMAZING women.  Those who seem to have it, want it all or just trying to and that is awesome.  They have given me inspiration.  You all have given me inspiration.  I may not have tons of followers but that's okay.  One blog at a time.  So I have finally set up the Etsy account.  Mind you, years ago when maybe it first started I tried getting a friend to do it with me.  She can sew ANYONE under the table and well, she wanted me to help coordinate fabrics with her.  She still continues to make baby bedding, burp cloths, blankets and such but never took it to the next level, did I tell you how talented she is?  Anyway, I will get her on here and maybe she will see that she can do it (all while raising 5 kids). Again, I digress.  So, I had to come up with a snappy name for my shoppe... Are you ready?... ok...

Fleur De Zis
How is that?  I love Fleur De Lis and I thought, "hey this would be cool."  So I did it.  I have been feverishly away making my goods and hope to open soon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Barefoot Contessa

I have always loved Ina Garten.  Something about her I just love.  She always makes things seem so easy (I always like Martha a lot at times - she is the reason I have met some of my closest friends).  But I digress, I used to make homemade macaroni and cheese when Sam was a wee child.  Then I let the Kraft world take me over.  Did you know that I NEVER had Kraft MAcaroni and Cheese as a child?  The first time I had it I must have been 17 when my step mother made it for my brothers.  Anyway, I used to make my renegade way (even with my Culinary Institute of America Chef husband telling me how to do it).  I stopped somewhere from making it from scratch.  So this past week while shopping I decided that I will do right by my kids and make it FRESH.

It took me about 45 minutes but I made one really good Mac and Cheese for my kids (and myself because I LOOOOVVVEEEE cheese).  I had used panko bread crumbs instead of fresh (please don't beat me) and it came out very nice.  The kids were a little disturbe
d by the breadcrumbs but they loved the CHEESINESS.
I am very happy and plan on this being the way I will do it from now on, with one exception MORE CHEESE!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Weekend

I had a really nice time Friday night hanging out with some ladies from my kid's school.  We had gotten together last month and decided to get together again this month.  It's going to be a new tradition for us to just go out and have a ladies night.  We had a great time, I have met some great ladies and had a night out to myself.
I got sick on Saturday.   I thought at first it was from the booze but then I realized when I was visiting the bathroom many times it was the virus that my dear hubby had the night before.

But I recovered.  Sunday had a nice time a friend's house.  It was sort of a new experience.  It turns out my son  has a good friend who ironically I know both of the parents separately from high school.  They had us over to the their pool and we had a very enjoyable day.  We are planning a Sushi night soon (will post more about that later in another post).
So, I had a wonderful weekend, despite being sick, now it is back to the Monday grind. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Christina's Giveaway

Christina over at Signs of Obsessions is having a contest to celebrate her 1ooth post.  Stop by and check out her and the contest.

The signs are AWESOME!

Lots of luck.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 Uninteresting Things that make me happy

Again my friend Mimi posted today about being tagged by another Sweet friend Simone to tell about 6 Uninteresting Things That Make Me Happy.  Now she did not tag me to tell all but did ask if I wanted (and you too) then please do.  I've thought about these and after reading a few I came up with what makes me happy:

1. The smell of fresh cut grass
2. A relaxing bath, with a glass of wine and a good book - oh and without any disturbances
3. Swimming, I love to swim, always have.
4. Sitting by the fire on a rainy day
5. Watching tv.  I love tv and seeing my favorite shows or some sappy movie makes me happy.
6. Falling asleep with my children on Friday nights.  We have a routine of going to a friend's house for Pizza(kids) and wine (the moms).  When we come home the kids and I hop into bed where they fall asleep (most of the time hubby takes them out).  I remember cuddling with my parents(and grandparents) and hope my kids remember that some day too.

So that's it.  If you want to share a piece of you too, go on ahead.  We'd love to hear about you.

I love to cook

What better way to feel good about being a wife and mother than to cook an awesome meal?  Well, tonight I did one of my staples but I haven't done it for a while so it was "fresh" and new.  I have been a mom that for convenience cooked my children chicken nuggets, I know gasp in awe, it is done.  When I stayed at home I would cook chicken cutlets myself and they were very good. They are very good.  I haven't done them for a while because my local shoprite does not have Murrays chicken and I like their thin cutlets (no after a day of work I am not pounding chicken).  I buy no hormone chicken from Trader Joe's but they are not thin.  In any case, I got the chicken the other day from another local "gourmet" type grocery store with Chicken Cutlet Parmesan in mind.  My kids do not favor "Sauce" but hubby and I do.  I make my own and freeze it.

I also make my cutlets with Panko bread crumbs instead and season it up myself (BTW I used some home grown Oregano from Mimi that I got as a lovely gift from her for the holidays).  They were awesome!  I made some rigatoni to go with it and it was a hit!  I do so love to cook for my family.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Passing it on

Too often we overlook something we see or hear and as I was reading my friend's post today I realized some things that she said were true.  I also realized that we too often look at the bead things and not the good things.  Mimi often is very inspirational to me.  I have known her for a very long time, longer than blogging time and have always felt inspired by her. She simply asked that we talk about the nice things about ourselves, what we like about ourselves and qualities that we feel are good about ourselves (see a pattern here?).  It reminded me of a PTA event I went to last night.  It was the annual awards and recognition night.  Now I was not up for an award (lord knows there are many more people there who put in more time than me - I only have 3 years at the school, others have children graduating out so this is the chance to recognize them for their contributions).  So, the person getting an award has to tell their close friend who will be introducing them things they've done and so forth.  These women got up and spoke so eloquently about their friends.  I cried at a few.  I thought, "Geez, they do so much in the name of our children."  I was very impressed that even at times I have felt some of these things about some of these women and here they were being honored for it.  That was great.

It made me think about what I would say about myself (this of course in line with reading Mimi's post today).  So, if I were to say something about myself that I like as Mimi suggested it would be this:
I think I am a caring individual who gives to my friends unconditionally.

I am hardworking.  I have big eyes, thoughts and dreams.  I take on many things and get them done even if it is a struggle in the end because I made a commitment.

I am dedicated, to my family, friends and work.

I am doing my best to raise really good kids.  I am really proud of who they are becoming.

I like myself and I am very proud of what I have accomplished in my life.

That is just some of it.  Oh yeah, I am pretty creative and a good baker and cook.  

Please visit Mimi and let her know what you like about yourself.  Have a wonderful night.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching up

I am just catching up from the weekend and my busy week (even though it is only Tuesday).  I am so excited that Sam's room is moving along nicely.  I scored some pictures at AC Moore yesterday for his room.  I will wait to show you, but they are VERY cool.  The best part they were only $3.00 each. Yay Me!


I got the two on the right side.  Sam is very excited.  I will be putting together his desk that I bought and then in a few weeks when school ends I will paint the desk the same blue as the night stand.  Now I need to find a fabric for the valance, shade, window treatment.  His room is coming together nicely.  I am very excited for him.