Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home Shopping

Sometimes the best things are found right at home or at the home of someone you love.

So, I am lucky enough to have "found" some great things right within my own family.

Months back I told my in laws that I wanted a sewing machine. My father in law said to take the sewing machine in the red room (the rooms at their house are identified by color for convenience). I said to him that the sewing machine was ancient and would not be able to sew a thing.


This past weekend we were up and I was walking around taking pictures. I came across said sewing machine and got a thought. I asked my mother in law if I could take it, not as a sewing machine but a piece in my house. She said absolutely. I could take it then but she said if she comes down before I come up again she will bring it to me in my father in law's truck.

Check out this baby:

The black Singer Sewing machine flips up. I plan on putting it in my Living room or even possibly my bedroom as we have so much space in there.

I then came home and my cousin, who has a lot of stuff stored at my parent's house offered me her Singer Sewing Machine Table with cushioned chair (will sand down and paint) that will make a home in my spare room some day.

She also gave me two of these chairs for our screened in porch

I will make a template of the seat and ask so nicely of the woodworking guy at camp to cut me a seat that I can the make a cushioned seat from (padding and fabric). She also said she has a matching table for the chairs.

I am super excited about these projects.


Today my step-mom told me she is giving me this oriental rug. I am thinking it can go in our family room or bedroom (it has nice blues and such in it). If it works in the family room I will move that rug into the dining room.

We shall see.



  1. Love that sewing machine! It looks like it's in great condition. You will love it for years. It's so nice of your family members to give their things a new home, where they will be loved and enjoyed.


  2. I'll arm wrestle ya for the sewing machine. Love all your finds. Home shopping is the best!

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  4. Sewing machine! Love it. And great projects ahead for you.