Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Le Eiffel

Yesterday was the Eiffel Tower's 120th birthday. And during the segment on the news they showed it lit up so beautifully. Words cannot express how it looked.

Did you know when it was first built it was believed to be an EYESORE?

I have always wanted to go to Paris. Hopefully someday, hopefully soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Giveaway

from the fabulous Mimi Charmante

It's an awesome Wrap, check it out, you'll love it.

Good Luck!

Ride My Bicycle

Last week was my baby's birthday and Grandma and Papi were kind enough to get her a new set of wheels. She was so excited. However, her big brother was so jealous that she was getting a new bike and he needed one too. I casually mentioned that he was fully capable of asking for a bike too.

So we went to Ridgewood Cycle a bike shop where we are friends with the owner Drew. Hubby has known Drew forever and we knew he would put us in the right direction for our kids especially since he knows them very well.

Grandma and I head over there and Maya finds the one she wants and of course so does Sam. Grandma gets them both bikes.

I just had to go back and get them the next day. Talk about two VERY HAPPY children.

All last weekend all they wanted to do is ride their bikes and my dad was not home when they first got the bikes so they rode the bikes to Papi's house (3 blocks away) and showed him his purchase and how well they rode them.

Even Daddy took a spin on the bike

So glad they got to use them for a few days before the weather turned ugly. Hopefully this week gets better and they can ride again.

I Love Rainy Days

When they are spent in the comfort of my home.

In front of the fire. Perhaps with a good movie or book. Of course some hot cocoa for the kids and maybe, just maybe, a hot Tottie for me and the man.

I remember growing up in Southern California, we had a fireplace. We hardly used it but on the occasion we did it was on rainy days. That is today, here in cold New York. I sure am happy that my hubby split a lot of wood last week to put in our fireplace.

Only today it will be a nice fire and the GIANTS at 1pm. That's okay. I figure while he's doing that I will make a nice lasagna and possibly some chocolate peanut butter brownies or pillow cookies. (I'll still have that hot tottie by the fire though).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did I ever tell you...

I hate homework?

Seriously. I have a boy who is very smart but homework is PAINFUL.

I don't understand it is a daily fight with him. To write words in alphabetical order, write sentences or in that STUPID READING LOG. Did I also tell you how I think the reading log is stupid? The philosophy is that if you MAKE the child read because they have to WRITE it in a reading log they will suddenly LOVE reading. NOT! My child LOVES, LOVES, LOVES reading but hates the reading log. He dreads it. He will read every night, begs to on the occasion when he chooses to do something else late and then reads way past his bedtime (this is not because of some reading log I assure you).

So we set up timers and agreements and it does not work. Part of me gets made because it DRIVES ME CRAZY and the other part gets mad because I know he knows the work.

So then I ask you why is homework a problem (his lacadasical attitude is also in school - he's a dreamer, a procrastinator)? Is he bored in school, is he not stimulated enough? I have no clue. I am at my wits end.

Sorry for my rant on reading logs and painful homework, I had to get it off my chest. Now off to have a little glass of wine before I have to do my own homework.

Pumpkin Picking

I know I have told you that I love fall and one of the things that I love about it is Pumpkin Picking. This past weekend we went to a local place to do our picking and hayride. We usually go to Connecticut and decided not to since we did not want to do the long drive. Good choice as this place was only about 15 minutes away from our house.

It was so much fun. It wasn't on some country road in the middle of nowhere but it had all the good things we were looking for picking, hayride, and hay maze.

Have a great day, we did!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Party Fit for a Queen

Maya baby is six today and I am planning her birthday party, a Tea Party!

So I think I have it all planned now.

I am going to go to the local Goodwill and see if I can gather up a bunch of teacups and maybe cake stands (if there are no cake stands I can go to Home Goods).

I have a craft activity for the girls to do that involves a pretty frame and taking their pictures.

I am going to have some lovely cakes, goodies to eat and just general fabulousness. Let the planning begin!

Maya Turns 6

Today my baby turns 6. It is amazing how fast time goes by. I am very happy and very sad. I always wanted three kids and we have two (I cannot seem to convince hubby to have another) and I am getting older. Not only that but now everything is so easy as far as going out, going places and life in general. It's like you have all sorts of different things going on now. Maya has dance two times a week and Sam has things 2-3 times per week (week on, week off) and it gets very confusing.

But I digress, my baby is SIX! How outrageous is that? I remember the day I had her, I know what I did the night before, the day I took her home, ever
ything. You think you forget all those little details but they come back.

I only wish that my baby has lots of happiness, she will have sadness and I hope that I am there to help her through it.

I hope for her to make the right decisions and when she doesn't (because we all make wrong decisions) I hope she grows from them and if she needs me then, I'll be there too.

I hope she meets someone that loves and cares for her and when someone breaks her heart or hurts her, I'll be there (if she wants).

I will always be there to support her because I love her and she is my baby. I have so many hopes and dreams for her, but she is her own person. I will be there with her when she needs me, wants me and even when she doesn't want me around
because I am her mom and I love her.
Happy Birthday Maya


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fabulous Fall

I have to say that I love Fall. I really do. I mean I love summer but I absolutely LOOOOVVVVEE Fall. I love the changing colors of the trees, I love the crispness of the mornings and how it get a little warmer during the day, the chill in the air of my room when I stick out my warm footsie in the am, did I mention the colors? I just absolutely love Fall.

It is the time of year I cook my "comfort"meals. I make my sauce, my lasagna, my stuffed pork loin, mashed potatoes (hubby does that), cook all those warm meals. I love the smell of my house during that time. It's the beginning of the fires. Sitting in front of cozy fires with my hubby and the kids watching movies. I love sitting in front of the fire during the rain.

Something about Fall makes me cozy. Even though it is getting cold, I still make it warm, I still feel warm. And for the most part that is why I love NY. I have lived in the sunny parts of the country (San Diego, Arizona) and I would rather be here. I love the changing seasons and Fall is my favorite.

P.S. That is why I love my street I live on, it is a big, huge tree lined street.