Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday Funnies

You know I have been reading a lot of JennieMac who really has some funny stories out there. So much so it got me thinking about some funny things that have happened to me.

Just recently my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary and we were discussing our honeymoon to Tahiti. A fabulous trip. Chickens and all.

We stayed in beautiful over water bungalows. Paradise.

We love adventure. So we had ventured outside of the hotel to a local convenience store/market. We bought ourselves baguettes, Camembert cheese, a local Tahitian beverage, Tahitian Beer and Gatorade (hey we had to keep up the electrolytes).

We head back to our bungalow and enjoy our snacks. A wonderful afternoon. We even went to Bloody Mary's for dinner (Cameron Diaz was there the night before).

The next morning my dearest is thirsty so he asks for his Gatorade. Surely, I being the doting new wife hand him his bottle. He takes a sip and hello a little lizard hits his lip! He had two little lizards swimming in his bottle of Gatorade. Needless to say, my tough new husband FREAKED OUT!


Then we both started laughing so hard. We were crying. Needless to say, the Gatorade was thrown out and we knew from then on we needed to close our drinks when we were done. with. each. sip.

Funny thing is, I totally forgot about this story until my husband retold it recently and you know what, we laughed again, really hard.

Do you have a funny story?


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  1. hahahahahahaha that is so funny!! oh how awful it would be to find not one, but two lizards in your drink... ahh! I'd be freaking out too. Loooove it!

    hmmm funny stories. hmmmm I remember when I was still in school and would be up working until the wee hours of the morning with a friend on these huge design projects. my husband, darling sweet dear that he is, decided to check up on me since it was almost 4 AM... I'm out in my work room, facing the doorway, my friend is in front of me, head down, working intently on some tiny detail and here comes the hubby, with nothing on... he realizes I'm not alone, makes this crazy, funny face that I'll never be able to recreate, and hops behind the nearest wall... I scream and my friend looks up, totally oblivious to the "peep show" she just missed. He will never live that one down... :) hahaha, I still laugh when i think of his expression...

    Have a wonderful weekend!!