Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Might Melt

Today in the North East it is supposed to be dreadfully HOT!


We have a birthday party, no scratch that we have a Birthday POOL Party.

That means being OUTSIDE. IN. THE. HEAT.

No Fun. Not to mention the fact that there will be approximately 30 kids there.

Again, not so much fun, actually chaos.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE pool parties but they make me really nervous.

This means I will have to be on guard (watching me kiddies, even though they know how to swim) with so many kids in the pool.

I quite possibly might melt out there.

I will be dreaming of this:


and this:

I can dream can't I? I do love a good pool party but I am dreading this dangerous heat.

We will have lots of fun since there will be lots of food, music and fun.

The kids party is only from 2-5 pm and then we will stay with our good friends and be more relaxed.

The party is supposed to be for our friend's 7 year old (Little Miss' BFF) BUT my friend (the wife) thinks her husband turned it into his 40th celebration since he keeps adding things to the agenda, menu, guest list (OH BOY!).

That part will be fun! We always have GREAT BIG Fun with our friends.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures (hopefully I can post them ;) on here -hehe).

Have a great Saturday and Keep COOL.

Don't forget the contest ends tomorrow - I just realized that I made a mistake on the date - I said Sunday July 22nd and it was supposed to read SUNDAY JULY 25th.

You still have time.


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  1. Have a fabulous time today Ziz and try to keep your cool!! lol