Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tasty Foods

Okay, my sister in law Emily comes up with some outrageous foods.

She hunts down recipes on Epicurious and where ever else she can find something new and interesting.

We are truly a Foodie Family.

So this weekend she did her usual and came up with a really cool recipe.

Peaches and Brie on Cedar Plank

Now I am so not a Peaches type of gal but this was DELISH!

Peaches & Brie on the Grill
3 Peaches (peeled,pitted and sliced in half)
1 round of Brie
1 Baguette
1 cup orange juice
1 cedar plank

On a sheet pan (with a lip) put cedar plank, pour juice and water (as much as to cover plank) and let sit (soak). In the meantime peel and cup peaches. Slice baguette. About and hour or so later, put brie and peaches on plank and put on grill. Also put baguette slices on grill to "toast" them. I would say about 10-15 minutes for the brie and peaches. Remove from grill, put bread in basket. Slice open brie and slice smaller pieces of peach and let people serve themselves.

The brie on the baguette slices with the brie and peach grilled is so amazing!

Like I said, I am not a peach gal but this was great!


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  1. This sounds delish Ziz ~ I can see how the peaches would compliment the brie. I may have to try this, this summer.