Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Recipe Love

A few weeks ago in a back and forth email amongst the family my sister in law's last line was that she tried this fried pickle recipe and she would pass it on to another in our family (I was blindly being cc'd at the time so as to keep up with a plan).

Then about a week ago I am checking out Pioneer Woman's site and I see she has a recipe for Fried Pickles here.

I continued to look through the site and found more recipes dear ole sister in law has introduced to me lately and some were on there (coincidence, I think not).

So I made them tonight.

Can you say DELISH??

I loved them and so did my Foodie, Food snob husband. I did make it with a Sirachi mayo and it was fabulous.

I am so in love. I only did half of a recipe as I was not sure if they were going to be good or not.

I promptly called my sister in law and told her I made them. I told her why I made them and about Pioneer Woman's site - she said she got her recipe from Cuisine Magazine (she gets a lot from them). Hers was also made with Crushed Pretzels and served with a Honey/Mustard type of sauce.

I did make an adjustment to my recipe - I used Panko bread crumbs - which I highly recommend - I liked the crispiness of it better as I crushed them to be more fine and then ran out - so I got lazy and used regular bread crumbs. I think I will stick with the panko next time all the way through.

I sent my friend a text telling her that they were great and unfortunately my family ate them all.


my sister in law told me they were good cold the next day, at least to my 17 year old nephew they were.

I will definitely be making those again. (and working on my food photography)


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  1. waaaaaaah-i want fried pickles!!!!!
    can't wait to try it out myself-does sound DELISH!