Monday, July 5, 2010

Lake Lovin'

As you may now know the Lake is a favorite spot for our family.

The cousins get together, bond, have fun and the adults really enjoy themselves.

It's almost like camp. In fact we call it Camp Deutsch.

The first time I came to the lake was when hubby and I were dating for about 2 months. It was also where I found out my grandma was dying. Even though she was in AZ and me in CT the lake was so serene to think about her. I did make it out to her in time to say goodbye. Oops I digress this was supposed to be a happy post.

It is so much fun.

The men, including the birthday boy my father in law, wake surfed.

What is Wake surfing you ask?

It is when you surf on the wake from the boat. Basically you are making a wave with the boat and someone rides it. It is pretty cool. When the person might fall you throw them the tow rope so they don't wipe out.

Some made it and some did not but they tried.

In any case we saw fireworks on the boat in the middle of the lake - FUN FUN FUN.

I did not make it tot he Flea Market BUT my mother in law is giving me an antique piece of furniture like no other.

Sorry you will have to wait until later on to see it when I get home from camp and download the picture.

Have a Great day!

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