Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday Funnies

I love a good road trip, I really do. I have driven cross country and back. One day I hope to tour the USA with my kids, I really think it is cool.

As a kid I went back and forth between San Diego and Phoenix by car to visit my grandparents.

Easy drive, done it a million times.

A few years back I visit my mom in San Diego with my children for the first time. They were 3 and 5.

My mom, wanting everyone in AZ to meet my kids for the first time, suggested we take a two day trip there. Sure, I say.

Now, my mom is not one to have the greatest of cars and on one of my last visits to her, before kids, her own car broke down between Sand Diego and Phoenix, But that is another story.

So, when she suggested said trip I asked if her car was okay. She assured me most definitely is the car ok, she just had it checked. Okay. In fact she said she has NEVER had a problem with this car (famous last words By the way).

Now, since this was the first time I traveled anywhere with my kids by myself I was prepared - DVD player, LeapFrogs, Coloring package, you get what I mean, right?

So we head out. Now we stop in Yuma (halfway between SD and Phx) to use the bathroom at a McDonalds. When we get back to the car, it won't start!

I am in the middle of the DESERT and the F****** car won't start! Are you kidding me? Is g-d playing a trick on me?

So, dear mom, who has a history of bad cars DOES NOT HAVE TRIPLE A. Why should she? This car has always been good to her.

I actually have Triple A but in an effort to not carry so much crap in said wallet I only brought the necessities. I had to call my husband for the number.

Some nice tow company jumps our car, my mom, ever the New Yorker asks him to follow us to the gas station while we pump gas - just in case.

Good thing for just in case, because the car DIED AGAIN!

Now we are stuck in a gas lane with tons of cars waiting and the car is DEAD.

He finally gets us to his garage, where we wait. We waited 4 hours, 4 hours I tell ya. My kids were so good.

There was tons wrong with the car, the battery, the alternator, and blah, blah, blah.

Finally we got back on the road. And finally we got to our little motel in Phoenix in the dead of night. What was supposed to take 5 hours took 12.

Can you say, I wanted to shoot myself? And the funny part here is that when I would recite this story either to someone else or to my mom explaining my trip, she would just laugh. Actually she would Cackle because that is how she laughs.

I look back now and it was funny and I guess that is what road trips are made of but I swear I will NEVER go on a road trip with her again.

You want to know something else even funnier? My mom recently remarried and her new husband travels in a 60 or 70 foot Massive Motorhome with a Prius towed behind them AND they are touring the USA. Can you believe that? I hope her luck has changed since then or I really feel bad for her new husband.

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  1. What a great story Ziz ~ it is times like this that memories are made of! I hope her luck has changed since then ~ too funny.