Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rest In Peace

I live in NY.

Many things have happened in my lifetime here in NYC and I have some connections to the chaos here and there.

However, last night while reading my Facebook posts a friend mentioned that the guy killed was her first love, her boyfriend from back when.  It struck me for a moment or two.  I emailed her and asked if he was her boyfriend that went to prom with her (and me since we shared a limo back in the day).  She texted me back and said yes it was indeed him.  I can so picture our faces from then, in our limo and what we wore.

I expressed my sympathies and feel terrible.  I mean it is terrible when it happens to someone out there but when you have connections to someone out there it hits home.  It also hits home because I thought of his family, his brother.  I did not know his brother but I lost a brother and now I feel like I have this other connection because we are now both in this club no one wants to be in or ever thinks they would be in while this young.

So I say Rest in Peace Steve.