Sunday, August 2, 2009

Truly Inspiring

I have been truly inspired this weekend.  Not of the artistic sense but of the spiritual sense.  The other day I was introduced to NieNie's blog by Katie of SaSeaBoutique and by doing so I was introduced to Stephanie's sister's blog cjane.  I learned the story of two sisters or rather a family who went through a tragic ordeal together and came out triumphant, or at least still working on it.  Stephanie was in a horrible plane crash and her sisters took her 4 children in and raised them while she was recovering.  It is a beautiful story of the power of love and prayer and the power of love between these sisters and their family.  I found myself reading Courtney's blog to find out how Stephanie was doing and crying at the trials and tribulations they all faced.  I became followers of both blogs and look forward to what is going on today.  The accident is almost at it's year mark and it is truly amazing how many across the world joined in to help this family.

This inspired me.  You see, in a world like we live today there are many troubles there.  It doesn't matter who you are, there is some one out there that disagrees with you on some level.  However, this story showed me that people have genuine love in themselves and certain things bring out the best in them.  I love that.  Life is not easy but somehow this family and their faith helped them through.  Now I am not a huge temple or church goer but I believe in a higher being.  Life has a lot to offer us.  I guess the saying, Make lemonade out of lemons, holds true.  Make the best of what you got.

I will continue to read these new blogs and be inspired by some fascinating, loving women who brought me hope on this rainy weekend.

Love to you all.

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