Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Collector of stuff

I have a collector living in my house. A collector of all things. My sweet Maya collects EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING. She puts everything in little bags, big bags, boxes, drawers, you name it.

My children are attending camp this summer and I work there so that they can attend camp at a reduced cost. It happens to be the camp I attended as a child so it is nice to be back at a place that I loved (and made my best friend for life at).

A few days ago, or maybe even a few weeks ago at this point, Maya's counselor (who is a friend's sister in law working at the camp) says, "Maya collects stuff, I mean, she is always stopping along the way for a bead, some lanyard, a sticker." I said, "Yeah, I know. She does that with everything, we have bags of stuff all over of her "treasures" but that is her." The counselor then said, "After a while of her doing this I realized it is who she is." And that is true.

Hopefully I can work on her skills and take her to the flea market and Estate sales with me someday.


  1. It sounds like Maya is headed to an adult life of flea marketing, etc! That will be fun for the two of you! My son who is 20 is still a saver and collector. He never gets rid of anything!


  2. I love that shot of her, sounds like camp is fun!