Monday, August 24, 2009

Life is an adventure

You know Life is one big adventure. Today I did some errands to fix the mess that is presently going on in my life, which eventually figure itself out but none the less I am working on it. So I had seen a friend on the way out and asked if she would be up for some Mojitos later on. She is always up for that, she says give her a call.

So after returning I am playing around a decide to give my friend a call and have some Mojitos, she says bring the kids over to swim. They live behind us. I drive over to mom's to cut some fresh mint(gotta have fresh mint) and then we go over, Did I say they live behind us?

The hubby is home and asks where my hubby is and I say I will text him. My husband waves from our yard when he gets home. A few minutes later he pops over the fence. A while later we come home. The kiddies and I are getting ready to sleep and my hubby realizes he cannot find his phone. Now I am on a search to find the phone, we look all around and nothing.
I ask my hubby if he thinks that he lost the phone while hopping the fence. He doesn't think so but we go outside and me, phone in hand, calls his cell, in the pachysandra he hears ringing. Can you believe it? With the secadas, the crickets and whatever else is out there we hear funky music. Did I mention that we have no light out there? So he is in the pachysandra and probably poison ivy hunting for his phone. AND each time the phone rings too much it goes to voice mail so the ringing stops and I have to call again.

Finally he finds it. YAy! He always talks to me about making sure I put stuff away in the same place. See I am not so bad, I may have some clutter but I know where EVERYTHING is.

Nothing was truly funnier than seeing him hunt in the dark for his cell phone. I'm sorry that was bad. Please forgive me :)



  1. Oh Ziz ~ that IS funny, I am sorry but I am grinning from ear to ear! You needed this giggle after the past few days :o) Hope you enjoyed the mojitos too!

  2. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that give us such joy (and a well needed chuckle)~

  3. So true. It was especially funny since we don't have lighting in the back yard and was relying on hearing his phone ring, could you imagine if it was on vibrate?