Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mission Accomplished

We have lived in our house for about 8 months. Before we moved in we were living with my parents, who by the way live three streets away from us, and we had the place painted before we moved in. We found guys who did it on the side as it was a big job (i.e. every room needed to be painted and my husband does not paint). However, as nice as Luis and his crew were they failed to do a few little things. That's okay with me considering our daily rate and I don't mind painting.
However, the places that need the paint are in MY ROOM!

So, today I got sick of seeing my closet door, my husband's closet door and the door to our bedroom not painted. It is very hard to tell they are not painted since it is in the white family but not the sharp, crisp, semi-gloss white of ALL my trim. Today, I painted the doors. I am much happier. You see that hallway in my bedroom is long and it doesn't always appear to have a problem, but I knew and every day it irked me. You know that feeling? So it is done. Mind you have another coat to do but it looks great and if it took me another 8 months to do I wouldn't care. But it won't, I will do it this week or next.

This actually made me realize that I need to paint the door going from our kitchen to the basement. Again, it is in a spot where the light hides the mis-step but I now Know it exists. That will be painted too, the next time the paint comes out.

And, finally, Maya came home with a fabric sample from my dad's house that grandma gave her and I need to have it for my family room. How I will find it's name now is beyond me but I am on a mission.

Have a great night!


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  1. Congrats on your paint job ~ I know what you mean about YOU knowing that something is or is not "there" even of no one else knows or can tell... I am sure you will find the name of the pattern your sweet girl brought home ~ you may need to put on your Nancy Drew hat, but I have faith in you!