Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make you Stronger

I believe the saying goes:

That which doesn't kill you will make you stronger
- unknown author

I am totally into believing this these days. I think there have been other days that I have felt this but particularly these past few days or even the past week I have felt this way.

I am having some issues at work and hopefully I will be able to continue the work I love to do and feel that I am destined to do. My last post I talked of mistakes and regrets and I have made some mistakes and feel that I should not have to pay for them now after 20 some odd years later.

Whatever turns out of this situation I know it will make me stronger, I will be a stronger person, educator and mother.

I also feel that sometimes we need to learn these things to make us stronger. This also made me think of the strong women I have known in my life.

My grandma, I do not have a picture of her on my computer, I will have to try and get one of her scanned and then put on here. She grew up during the Great Depression, she was recommended to be put in a home when she was younger because they thought she had had Polio when it was a knee injury from falling out of a stroller and she ran a successful insurance business with her husband for 40+ years.

She is totally my inspiration. I love her and miss her everyday.

My mom, she went to a foreign country at 20 and met the man of her dreams (or so she thought at the time) and traveled with her friend. I wish I could have done that back then too. To have the courage to leave home like that and go so far away, she is strong.

My birthmother, she gave me up which I am sure is the hardest thing to do with your own child. It is a completely selfless act. While now I do not have a relationship with her, I do know she regrets what she did because she did not want to give me up but still to have done and live through that pain, makes her strong in my eyes.

For all those other women out there who have persevered through think and thin, good and bad, and whatever else may come their way I appreciate you. You make us stronger, make our daughters stronger and lead a fine example for the future.

Who do you think is a strong woman or who do you know to be a strong woman in your life?

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