Friday, August 21, 2009

To the Beach

That's where I am headed. After a nice summer crafting at camp it is time to relax with my kiddies and sister.

How Fabulous could it be to being going here?

A nice walk on the beach in the early morning or evening, those are my favorites

Hopefully I can keep this one in mind for my dreams

A few years ago while at the beach my husband said, "you really love the beach." I replied yes and then it occurred to me, he likes the lake better. He is "granola" or shall we say more out-doorsy than myself. While I live in NY and have lived in San Diego I prefer to live on the East Coast but LOOOOOOOOVVVVVE the beach. I love the smell of the ocean, the salty water, the sand between my toes, running it through my fingers, the shells, back in the day the body surfing, I just love it.

So we concluded that he is lake and I am beach. It's okay to be that way. He is not opposed to the beach and I am not to the lake. It works. My children love both and that's nice too. While the waves are supposed to be crazy due to the hurricane south of us, we will have fun. Hopefully we come back with some nice shells and maybe even some cool driftwood.

Have an awesome weekend, I am pondering some ideas for my 100th post coming up soon..



  1. Have a fabulous weekend my dear friend~

  2. You deserve this week-end after the week that you have had! Have a wonderful one Ziz ~ I love the pictures too.....