Sunday, August 16, 2009

One Proud Mama

Future Sailors

Yeah, that's me. I am always proud of my children but yesterday we took a trip up to the lake with some of our friends. Our boat had decided it had enough last weekend with the family last weekend so it was in repair, however, my in laws have VERY nice friends who lent us their boat for the day (YAY!!!). It was the first time our friends were coming up so we wanted to have a nice time.

The weather cooperated and it was a GORGEOUS day! The men went up earlier that the ladies since the younger ones had a party.

The big boys were tubing when we got there and as we were driving around the lake we saw a tube with some kids and thought, "are those our boys?" We could see for sure but when we pulled into the house, my husband said that the boys were out tubing with my brother in law.

We did the usual of getting ready and the little ones tubing and even the husbands tubing (I'll have to get those pictures from my friend!).

All week my Sam kept saying he wanted to water ski and last year he made a great attempt but didn't get up all the way. He insisted that he was going this year and he needed gloves so his hands did not slip. Well, my sister in law Emily started him off by the dock and he got up! He was skiing! My husband and I were on the boat, me taking pictures and Ken holding the line (my brother in law Steve was driving the boat since he is best at it and teaching the kids to ski). My in laws stood on the dock watching. Sam did a great job. Eventually he went down and when he did he wanted to try it again without help (considering he was in the middle of the lake and Emily was not around). He got up right away!

Taking Off

Steady riding

Keeping it real!

My husband is SO PROUD. He is a skier and I am not, I have tried but this old body cannot do it. I'll be a spectator. I am so proud that he did it. He wanted it so bad and it worked out amazingly. Now I know my life at the lake is going to be so different because now he is going to want to ski ALL THE TIME!

My niece and nephew are huge skiers, so now we have another in the bunch. Grandpa better get that boat fixed soon Sam wants to go up again!


  1. I can hear how proud you are in your words Ziz! Good for Sam ~ he was determined and he did it. Bravo!

  2. Wow, I am so impressed, good job Sam.....great photos :)

  3. Oh happy day! I spent a lot of time in my earlier days water skiing and it makes for such amazing memories!

  4. Sounds like such a fun time! Glad it was!


  5. Looks like fun for the others. I can't do it either...not even when I was young. I never could pop up and get out of the water.