Friday, May 1, 2009

Visits with Friends

I love them. My friend has been rendered car-less for a few months and has not been able to come over as she has in the past.  We have always enjoyed friday night cocktail night since back in that day from working with each other.  She finally has her car back and came over this evening.  We had our usual of wine and then broke out the hard stuff of Tequila and Limeade (nice alternative to Margaritas and a tribute to Cinco De Mayo festivities).  It was great to sit back and chat with my girlfriend, made me feel so adult.  The kids hung out and chatted with Rebecca and it was like old times.  We got some pizza and ate it out on my screened in porch (another first in the new house).  Which leads me to decorating the screened in porch. I decided to put up string light in my rafters to add a nice little ambiance in the evenings since I plan on spending many a summer evening out there.  This weekend we will head over to the new Lowes that opened yesterday and buy a ceiling fan for the room too.  I would love to paint the inside of the porch but everyone says leave it the beautiful cedar that it is.  I am not sure about that one.  So many projects and I don't know where to begin.  See a post about friends leads me to decorating my porch. In any case I love having visitors and it was great to see my friend this evening.

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