Wednesday, May 6, 2009

State of Panic

I have actually never been apart from my children for more than 24 hours, weird huh?  I am sort of insane in that sense.  Either that or I am just such a control freak that I can't be apart from them in the slightest bit of fear that they are not being cared for the way I would or something would happen and I would not be there for my children.  The sad thing is, my husband, their dad will be caring for them.  I am crazy... or do I just love my kids so much I can't be without them?  I do long to go away for a weekend with my hubby but I will miss my kids.  Is that normal?  I also know my kids will miss me.  My sweet little girl wants a picture of me to keep with her because she will miss me.

I will miss my kids very much and of course my husband.  It is truly amazing how we feel about our kids.  There are days, and they are many, that these two creations of mine drive me NuTs!  But I love them more than anything.  I am afraid I might miss something?  Afraid they will miss me?  I have no idea.  I think it is the pure fact that something might happen to any of us and I won't be here for them.  That scares the *crap* out of me.  So I will go on my trip, miss my kids and come back to the love.  I'll survive, they will survive and I am not so sure how and if my husband will survive.

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