Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Couch, Yipppeee!

So, for 11 years I have had the same couch.  A very simple couch I got when I bought my first place, fast forward 11 years and it has seen: a cat, a new man (later to be my husband), 2 children, countless parties, countless houseguests (it is a sofabed after all), many a night with me sleeping with my newborn son (5 months to be exact), 2 years in storage and a new house.  WOW!  Finally we got a new couch today.  I hope this one lasts me just the same and gives me the same durability that ole bessie did.  She is actually in our living room (since there's no furniture in there).  The couch is very nice BUT it has me wanting to do more now (tomorrow I am heading to the White Elephant Flea Market in New Milford, CT).  I have a few ideas for things that I want to get from there *hopefully* and it is on the way to my MIL's house.  

After the delivery men came and gave me my new couch, that I really like, I got Sam his hair cut.  Now he wants long hair and it was looking too scraggly.  So our friend Bari the hairdresser fixed him up good.  We also went to Lowes to show daddy the counter I want put in in the kitchen to give us more space.  He said it looks good and to just make sure that we can do the six foot counter if not then we will do the 4 foot counter.  I am very excited.  I wanted to put the pictures up of the couch but wanted to wait until I could take a picture in the daylight.  I also headed over to Home Goods and found lots of goodies for Sam's room.  He has a surfer theme and I have had a little difficulty finding stuff that I like.  Last week I found a surfboard shelf on Ebay from Mikes Shelves and it is going to look amazing in the room.  Sam was very happy wen we came home with goodies for his room.  Maya on the other hand was upset we didn't find anything for her.  I told her some days I can find things for her, or him, or both or no one.  It's just the way shopping goes.  I did also see at Home goods boxes just like Layla has in her kitchen with the hooks.  Pretty cool, they said the names of the herbs and had those big hooks on them.  I like them but need to find a place for them before I get them.  I'll just keep on plugging away at my designing.

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