Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Love Cooking and Baking

I cannot wait for breakfast tomorrow morning

As you can see they really liked the quiche

This evening I asked my son what he wanted for dinner.  Now usually on a Tuesday night we have Tacos, hence the phrase Tuesday Tacos Day.  Today I did not have any chop meat so I took a gamble, well, my boy wanted quiche.  A bacon and cheesy quiche.  No problem.  My children were not picky eaters, then they started to be picky eaters.  They would, if I allowed it, survive on cheese sandwiches (Sam) and chicken and noodles (Maya).  I started to create interest in different foods by 1. offering up a quarter and 2. having them participate in food preparation.  They loved making the quiche and now they love eating it.  In fact my son now wants me to make the actual pie crust.  I told him that has to be another day that I am not working, maybe over the summer.  This works well for as my husband is a Graduate of the CIA - Culinary Institute of America - THE place to learn to be a chef.  SO he is always on hand to tell us what to do or new ideas.

After the quiche idea I was inspired to make a banana chocolate chip loaf.  I bought a slice at Starbucks today and I love it but why pay for it if I have all the ingredients at home?  SO I made it tonight and will enjoy it tomorrow morning with my coffee, you know that first cup of the day, the first cup out of the fresh pot, that one.  My husband said to me the other day that no cup is as good as the first cup and he's right (dare I say it and dare he find out I said it).  I agree with him BUT I also feel that you cannot refill a cup until you have completely finished the first cup, it ruins it.  I never allow a diner or restaurant refill my cup until I am done, I like my coffee from start to finish.

So I got to do some of my favorite things today like cooking and baking, I love the smell of the house when I do these things (PS I also did my other favorite - shopping).  I had received a gift card and I got myself some new shoes (lots of happy smiles here).  I got some nice Via Spiga sandals for next to nothing and some flip flops I would have never bought if it weren't for the gift card (so it wasn't like I  was buying the flip flops someone else was).

There were only 3 pairs left in the whole store

So overall I had a pretty good day and look forward to another one tomorrow.

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