Saturday, May 30, 2009


map of the garden plans

Raised Bed
My friend Mimi, over here
introduced me to Potager gardens.  I fell in love.  Now for the past two years I have been in my parents home and on the deck surrounding the pool had something like a potager garden (not really knowing what this was until Mimi showed me) in the yard.  It was basically a wall/planter.  Every year I have done planting for my parents, growing herbs (we had to move the mint over to a separate potager since it took over one whole area - but YUM MOJITOS!!), cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, beans and much more.  Maya wanted strawberries last year so we added a few.  They actually came up this year and a few more than we had last year.  There are even strawberries coming up now.

So, I have these ugly shrubs outside of my screened in porch.  I believe that is where I will put my potager. I am very excited. Thank you for such wonderful inspiration.

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  1. I can't wait to see your photos of what you do to your new property! It has so much potential - I wish I lived closer so I could bring my gardening gloves over and we could spend hours plotting and planning! It is going to be fabulous! You know, I underplant my raspberries, espalier pear tree, and domesticated blackberries with my strawberries as they make a nice ground cover and the boys love eating all those berries!