Friday, May 29, 2009

Two new Faves

Double Dog Dare Chardonnay

So, I have found two new faves, actually three.  You see on a monthly basis I got to pay my Bloomies bill in person. I cannot explain why but I do.   I don't know if it is some reason to enter the store or what but I go there.  Well, I always pass this wine store called Total Wine and I NEVER go in there, until a few weeks ago.  Well, first and foremost I am a wine lover.  My father has an amazing wine cellar in his basement and we lived there for the past two years.  So we have had our share of good wines.  He is also very friendly with Lydia's son Joe and I got a case of Bastianich wine (I hope I spelled that right) for my birthday from my dad.

Anyway, I went in a few weeks ago and I got my wine Chateau St Michelle Reisling for $8 - UNHEARD of!!  It usually pay $12 by my house.  So of course I had to buy a few bottles (and I only went in to buy 1 bottle), okay so I bought 2 and then they had my next favorite  Kendall Jackson Reisling (what can I say I am on a Reisling kick) for $10.  That seems right in line with about 5 years ago since that is when I tried the wine out in Napa and that is what I paid at the Winery itself.

Somehow the man in the store convinced me to buy some other wines, some I liked some I did not.  The Petals I like and today it was on sale for $7.99 - JACKPOT!!!  So I got a few.  Then I continued to browse the store and found this Double Dog Dare wine, it was $3.99 a bottle and the store rated it as it's #2 Chardonnay.  Hey what the heck, I figured why not get it.  

So, Friday night is Pizza night and wine.  The kids (her 4 and my 2) have a massive play date (2 of her kids are my kids' best friends) enjoy some playing and pizza and we enjoy wine and gossip.  We tried the Double Dog Dare - pretty good.  So we might have a new Friday night wine.  I do believe the Petals wine is from Washington - does anyone know of it?  Have a lovely night.

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