Saturday, May 2, 2009

Look what I made

My little model showing off her new clothes that mommy made so special for her.  I have spent countless dollars on cute outfits that I could easily make for my special girl, Maya.  She was so happy that I did this for her.  She watched me do it and offered her expert advice on design (I did have to explain things just don't go together - because of mommy's quirkiness and some things JUST DON'T go together).  Anyway, I had such a blast doing it. Now I just have to find an affordable shirt, lagging and capri to do more.  My sister told me my niece would love one too, then she and Maya would match.  I have also had an idea for a dress that I saw in a boutique a long while ago and thing it would be really cool.  Now I have to get a sewing machine.  Lots to do today...

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