Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lovely Saturday

This day started off with the usual dance and then rush to Sam's baseball game.  We all came home to do some yard work; raking leaves, trimming hedges, picking up sticks, etc. So my husband tells me what I am going to do - is he on drugs? Doesn't he know it's me that tells him what to do not the other way around?  So I play his game for a little but obviously he doesn't have a plan that figures into my way of doing things so i say I want to go to Nyack (antiquing) and he says fine, take the kids.  I gather my children and we head over to Nyack.  Now I did find some wonderful items in Christopher's Warehouse but they were way beyond my budget.  Then we looked all around Nyack, perusing all the sweet stores. Found something that might have fit what I was looking for but decided not to.

I did see a wonderful flower shop but a quaint little roaring brook/stream with little waterfalls and such. They had these beautiful Sunflowers outside, so we stopped in.  Now I am not at all partial to sunflowers or daisy type flowers but these just appeared to call my name.  So we stopped in and bought them and some tulips. The lovely shop owner gave Maya a white rose, she loved it but then Sam said, "what do I get?"  Which was right, how could you give one child something and not the other? So she gave him a Lily.  Very cute and they were very grateful for it.

On the way home my dearest called to say he cut the cord on the hedge trimmer and needed me to stop at Home Depot to get a replacement. I did and they spent a few minutes looking around - Big Mistake since I found more projects to do.  So I bought a shade for our family room that I had contemplated before and saw on Layla's site and decided it would probably work just fine.  So I bought it.  I will figure a coordinating curtain when I order a couch *tomorrow* and then we will be semi set for the big things.

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  1. let me tell you how much i love sunflowers.
    yours are beautiful.