Sunday, May 10, 2009

Live Life Joyfully

I would love to have this saying as my new motto and I am going to try to live my life like this.  I spent the day at my sister in law's house for Mothers Day.  She had this sign on her new installed counter (in the end phase of a huge kitchen remodel/addition).  She won this sign at the Relay for Life.  It is so amazing and I love it.  If I can't find one I will be making one.  She also showed me some amazing fabrics from a store in her town and I fell in love with a few.  When I come from from Wisconsin I will go to her for the day and get some fabric and redo the cushions on two chairs in our living room.  I am very excited and she is awesome at coordinating fabrics.

So, back to my new motto, I have already started living this way because...

I have these two beauties that bring joy to me every day.  So just try to, Live Life Joyfully.

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