Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My lovely Family on Lake Mendota

I know I am going backwards here but to be home in my own bed, there is nothing like it.  We went away as a family to Wisconsin to see my baby brother graduate.  It was Grandma, Poppy (my dad), Mom, Hubby, the 2 kids and myself.  We had an awesome time.  For probably the first time ever we were super on time for the flight leaving for Wisconsin only to find out it was delayed by 2 hours.  The airline worker could not grasp that we had to leave on Friday even though he was very persistent to try to get us to change our flight to leave the next day.  We held out and waited and finally left 2 hours later.We drove from Milwaukee to Madison, not so bad.  The kids slept all the way there - ahh peace and quiet even though they were amazing on the flight.  We got to the hotel and settled in.  We stayed at the beautiful Hilton on Lake Menona.  Had a lovely dinner that grandma decided to stay home from to sleep. Actually it was lovely until t
he waitress spilled ICE COLD WATER in my LAP!  Not so bad and then we settle d in for the night. Again, the children were real troopers.

Sam looking Fierce

Me and the Children at the Roof Top Garden

The next day we went to the roof top gardens overlooking Lake Menona.  Gorgeous.  Saw
 Heath graduate and walked down the famous State Street.  Found and awesome little stor
e called Little Luxuries (I went back the next day to get some goodies).

The new Graduate and his favorite fans

There was a mix up on the dinner arrangements and we had a very late dinner reservation to which my mom did not think was good.  My brilliant brother came up with the idea of getting the kids room service and we rotate or something so one of us (me and my hubby) could have dinner and watch the kids.  BUT grandma offered to babysit the kids (she would not have lasted through dinner that late).  So the kids got room service which they have declared their new favorite thing and rented BOLT. YEAH!!!  SO we had a lovely dinner with my brother and parents while the kiddies watched a movie with their great grandma.

My baby doing her POSE

Today we went back to State Street bought the goodies, went to the University of Wisconsin's Student Union - absolutely breathtaking on the water and came home.  A lovely family trip.

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  1. glad you got out in time! But there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed now is there?