Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Have you ever been violated?

Well I have, sort of.

Today the husband calls me and asks if I had shopped somewhere yesterday. I told him yes and the amount spent. He says there was another amount and I said no way, he said call the bank.

So, now I am in a Tizzy.

I call the bank. Turns out the charge was on the husband's card.

Great. I felt a little validation because I am sure he was thinking what did she get herself into now (not saying I get into trouble but you know men they want to be right and you wrong - which I'll let you in on a little secret - I am never wrong, never). So I file a claim, cancel his card, get instructions on what to do from there and then call the husband.

I tell him it was his card, to which he tries to find out "where" this could have possibly taken place. He has an idea and the crazy part wants to go and beat the arse and the other is being level headed and will use cash from now on as that is where he gets his bus tickets occasionally.

I head over to the bank, get the form and head on home.

Now I have to watch my account, thank goodness we got this done early and it was only two charges but it is a major feeling of violation.

Someone was trying to steal from us. That is wrong, what is wrong with people today? I am just happy that no one is hurt and we found out so soon.

So, be careful when you are out shopping and watch what people do with your cards.

Be safe.



  1. Knock wood it has never happened to us but I do remember it happening to Mom & Dad years ago when the credit card receipts were still the ones with the carbon paper. Some people just do it for their living ~ it is their job ~ sad but true. I felt that way Ziz when I found out the cottage had been broken into the end of Nov ~ it is our place ~ everything has sentimental value not a huge resale value. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.....

  2. I, too felt that way when my home was broken into a few years ago - it wasn't so much what they took (and they took alot) but the fact that someone was roaming around my home - i felt extremely violated!

    P.S. I found my way via the wonderful Lori! :)