Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slipcover Madness

So, we have this old couch. She's been with me for 12 years.

She presently resides in our living room so it doesn't look bare.

I got an idea from somewhere, if it was you let me know so I can credit you.

A slipcover made out of drop cloths from HD.

I tried it. Half is done. Check it out

Ugly couch with sheet covers

Side view

Finished cover


PS I keep jamming and breaking the needles on my sewing machine (I need a lesson) so this was made with fusible/hemming tape with an iron.


  1. Wow, looks great zizi! That's something I should try and tackle someday.


  2. I bought a drop cloth a couple of weeks ago to re-cover my chair pads ~ loving the price and the fabric. This turned out great ~ cannot wait to see the other half!