Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spoiled? I think not

Okay, for the most part I do not vision myself as being spoiled until two weeks ago.

You see, about two weeks ago my garage door opener died.

Yes it took me two weeks to actually go out and get a new one with the holidays and all, the kids home and of course the extra money it was going to cost at this time of year.

So, for two weeks I have been lifting up my garage door every time I wanted go out or come back home. AND you see because of some locking mechanism I had to go through the front door and open the garage from the inside.

Can you say Pain in the ass? Why yes you can. You see there used to be this awesome little button on the side of the garage that would open my husband's side but NO it no longer works, and we don't have a walkway to our door because the previous owners didn't think one was necessary. (they actually did but it went from the street and I ripped it out since most of the tiles were covered by grass - believe once I get a new job and summer comes we will find a way for a walkway)

So this leaves me with walking in a snow covered yard to my door, see the annoyance here?

Well, as I lift this door it occurs to me that there wasn't always this garage door opener thingy and people had to lift their doors. Am I spoiled that I like to push a button and magic happens?

No, I am not spoiled but used to the technology that I have grown up with.

Fear not ladies, you see, between 2 and 4 today I will get a new garage door opener. I am SUPER happy and absolutely doing a happy dance. I will be getting this bad boy:

I'll let you know how it works.


PS I am sure you are asking why didn't hubby and switch sides for this time and the answer is, the pavement by his door goes up a little bit therefore scraping the top of my roof rack on the truck so we switched sides a long time ago.


  1. Hey, good for you! Oh, I don't think it's being spoiled. Seriously, when you're driving home, what a pain to have to get out, go in and open the garage door? I remember that growing up. And when you're either tired, hungry or both it seems to take forever to get in the house when you have to monkey around like that.

    Have fun with the new opener!!


  2. I think that we are spoiled without even realizing it because it is just the way it is nowadays. I got a dose of reality on that last week-end when the power was out for 5 hours!

  3. Lori,
    The new one comes with this back up battery thing that if the power goes out it still works!

  4. oh good, I was reading this thinking how dreadful, no garage door opener!! lol...I guess I am spoiled too and I don't even live in the snow! :) Have a wonderful week~ tara