Saturday, January 2, 2010


Okay, now it is my crunch time.

I am the chairperson for one of the largest single fundraisers in my school.

It is a year long process. Really, as soon as I finish one year's event I (and my awesome committee) get planning for the next year.

This will be my last year. It is very time consuming and even though I love it I need to pass the baton.

So, what is this event you ask?

It is a Tricky Tray. Now I think this may be a New Jersey name for it (the girl who brought it to our school is originally from NJ) but some call it a Chinese auction and what ever else. We call it Tricky Tray - if you want check out more info here.

Basically we go out and get donations Locally and Nationally. Lots of letters, faxing and emailing.

It's all for the kids. We have lots of great prizes a 50" flat screen is our Super Grand prize, US Open tickets, electronics and such.

So, I will be busy. The event is March 12th. My countdown begins. Lucky Me.


  1. You must be good at it if you've been the chairperson for several years. Good luck and have fun with your last year of it!!


  2. Good luck!!! Wishing you big success.

  3. Oooh good luck with that! Good for you for being so involved and rolling up your sleeves:)

  4. It is that time of year will have to let me know what your theme is this year!!

  5. The theme this year is Housewives of Rockland County.