Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Patron is NOT my friend

A few weeks ago I had visited a very cool blog and the lovely owner of that blog JennieMac. She talked of a Don Patron and his not so nice Cousin. The post had me in stitches as I could totally relate to what she was saying.

Now mind you, I love a good Margarita but shots of that poison I do stay away from. I have see the likes of him and his cousin obliterate and evening in a matter of hours. So, he tempted me once and I learned my lesson and have stayed away from them


last night.

So bad, but Mr. Patron, well he really tricked me. He enticed me (which I think was not fair - he came disguised,

Coffee flavored. (and with two of my friends making me feel bad and ashamed not to try it)

How could I not? They were all my friends.

Little side bar here, I was drinking wine before my friends arrived with their 3rd wheel of a friend. And you know the saying, Wine before liquor, never sicker.

So, I did a few large shots with my friends and promptly became sick literally right after they left and felt AWFUL all morning.

All the while I was thinking of Jennie Mac and what she said. They are not nice cousins and he is your best friend and then turns on you! He sure did. But now as of 8 pm I am okay.

I will be okay and there will be no more drop by friendships with those two any more!


  1. Oh girl ~ I feel your pain. Tequila should have skull and crossbones on the label IMO. The only way I can drink it is Baha Rosa ~ other than that I stay away ~ far away. xo

  2. JennyMac is hilarious isn't she, her blog is so funny! I read that Don Patron post too :)

    Hope you are feeling better :)

  3. He is SO mean. I am so sorry for the painful reminder. Hope you are fully recovered. LOL.

    And on your blogger profile you can add the option to display your email so when you comment on blogs that have email updates, they can email you back. :)