Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dreaming of Blooms

I had to think about something related to warm weather on this FREEEZING day here in the North East, this made me happy.

Ever since we bought our house I have wanted to put in a beautiful landscape design, where is Ahmed Hassan of Landscape Crashers when I got to Lowes or Home Depot?

And we all know how expensive landscaping can be.

I have the most ugly GINORMOUS bushes in front of my house. Seriously they are creeping out, it's unbelievable.

I have been begging the husband to get rid of them. Everyone says, cut them down in the winter - well, it's winter let's get rid of them.

He won't because then the house is bare in front. WHO CARES I HATE THEM. Okay I got that out and I digress. I dream of these beauties and this year will find a way to get some pretty colors going on in front of our house.

I think this would beautiful instead of the Evergreen on the end by the garage

I was thinking of putting some of this around our little light post
I LUUURRVVEE this like no other, there will be plenty around the yard of this gorgeous flower

These are just as gorgeous, I was thinking of this by the front steps

Some of these mixed in too with some boxwoods

I have always loved flowers, back in the day I took Floral arranging as a science at Community college. This year hopefully I can have some flowers from my our garden to arrange.

Have a lovely day.


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  1. I love flowers too Ziz ~ see if you can get some cuttings in the spring for some perennials like the peonies. Around here there are perennial swaps so if you have anything that you can divide you can trade about. That is how I got 50% of my flowers and because of it they were FREE which is ALWAYS a good thing! Good luck with your plans and this is the perfect time of year to lay everything out and figure out what you want to do.