Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's with this Ivy?

I used to like ivy.

I thought it was a great accent piece, a nice filler but not anymore.

My yard has tons of ivy.


It runs along my driveway and then ends in a huge area (whole back corner) in my yard.

When we fell in love with our house we always knew the ivy would have numbered days.

We have been here about 17 months.

Last year we got rid of trees, now I have to get rid of the ivy.

It just takes up so much space, lots of extra space for the kids to play, a garden to grow and my dream a cute garden shed.

Courtesy of Country Living

So last year we started to pull it out.


That freakin' ivy is so dense and so imbedded with itself and the ground it is very tiring.

I did a section the other day and amazingly enough it was easier to pull (probably since the huge rain made the ground so soft the stuff was coming out easily.

I am dying. At this rate I will have it gone by the end of the summer.

And I am all itchy now. I wore gloves, I swear.

I will have to tackle it slowly OR when I finally get my teaching position hire someone else to do it (let them be itchy).

Here's to another day out in the ivy.



  1. Eek! That sounds life a difficult task! We just moved into a new home in December...I'm anxious for Spring so I can find out exactly what might be creeping around in our yard...hopefully no ivy! Have a lovely day!


  2. I feel your pain Ziz although my battle was not with ivy but another plant that was just as backbreaking to get rid of. I swear that the roots to the stuff is under the foundation of the house. I have dug it out every year since we have been here ~ that's 7...and it keeps coming back EVERY year!! I had wheelbarrow loads full of the stuff and I took it out back and dropped in on our slope and you know what ~ it took off there ~ c'est la vie. So I wish you luck my friend ~ I have given up the fight and pulled everything else out of that flowerbed and let it take over.

  3. I know what you mean. My co worker 'kindly' gave me some shade plants for the side of our home. I should have checked it out because several years later I am still pulling them out.