Monday, March 15, 2010

Look what's lurking in my house..

That would be a Maya-Tiger

She was lurking in the flowers after a party

She had so much fun at that party.

Can you believe those roses? Some are left over from my birthday last week and some as a gift for my Tricky Tray.

You know the trick to cutting flowers, specifically roses?

Lay them down in a room temp tub/basin of water and cut them while under water. Always keep the water full and never have the leaves from the stems in the water (they create bacteria). Roses drink from their full stem. I learned this many years ago when I took floral design as a science at community college. I still use some of my skills.

Those yellow roses are from a week ago and not from some fancy florist.

I love flowers so I am going to try and get some in the house more often.



  1. The face painting is fantastic Ziz and the flowers are beautiful!

  2. Thank you for your advise dear!!!!

  3. I get that..I think homegrown roses last a lot longer than ones shipped in from who knows where..Here's to more rose bushes in everyones front gardens.

  4. What a beautiful little Tiger! I adore flowers too and have them in my home as often as possible...daisies being my all time faves! Have a peaceful evening! :)