Monday, March 15, 2010

Another New Recipe

Recently Kasey from Lola b's made this amazing sounding Mac 'n Cheese.

So I decided to try it out.

I bought the cheeses and the Truffle Oil (can you say yumm-o?)

I mean it has a few of my favorite ingredients: Cheese, cheese, cheese and Truffle Oil.

I made it tonight and amazingly enough, Maya liked it.

Sam has not tried it yet.

Actually it is not surprising Maya liked it, she likes to try stuff all the time.

Sam, well, he wants it to be with American Cheese, what?

I know that we (my husband especially) sometimes are food snobs (he is a Culinary Institute Graduate) but we do use cheaters sometimes.

It was any easy recipe and fun to make. Best of all, the family liked it (we will have Sam try it soon - he does get a quarter for it).

Why don't you hop on over to Lola B's and check out the recipe.


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  1. Oh my! The Mac'n Cheese and the Red Cabbage both look and sound wonderful. I'm on my annual spring diet-before-summer eating habits, but I'll know right where to find these wonderful recipes in June.