Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Days and Counting....

Until my BIG Fundraiser.

Spent almost a year planning - actually the past 3 years because this is actually my third year doing this.


What is a Tricky Tray you ask?

Find out here.

Basically I have over 200+ gift baskets filled with stuff that needs to be auctioned off.

My committee has shoppers and let me tell you, they are THE BEST.

They hover around Target waiting for everything to go 75% and it does.

Then they bring it all to me and in two weekends we wrap it ALL!

Of course, there are stragglers and they presently reside in my not so finished living room.

I still have to finish my program (which is out of the question for today since it is OSCAR night and I have FIOS my other good friends do not since they have Cablevision - you are invited over if you want to watch).

So I will have to try tomorrow to get that program done.

It is a huge event I still have a list of things to do like balloons, printing the program that is not done and so much more.


It will be fabulous and I plan on having a great time!!!!

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