Thursday, June 11, 2009

Master Bedroom

I have a lovely sized bedroom.  In fact in all of our homes we have had a decent sized Master Bedroom.  In this house we have lots of room and some nooks and crannies.  We have a dormer in our room that the old owners had a little secretary's desk with an old lamp on it.  I plan to put my dressing table and mirror there.  I was going to do a desk but then a friend said, "you know you are putting a make up table there."  And I thought for a moment and said, "hell yeah."  And the idea was born, so was/is the search for the perfect table.  I wanted a writers desk because that would be great for the space but I bought one for Sam's room and it would take up half of the space that is there.  Might not work.  Then I saw a great sofa table that is the PERFECT width (it was at the same unfinished wood place I bought the writer's desk at, I guess next trip to Connecticut will include getting the table.  I have to stain it the same color as my furniture since the  mirror is that color or go completely crazy and paint it something entirely different.  A piece I loved included this:

and I love this bedroom for inspiration

I would just love to add an element of this and that to make it complete.  I love forward to tackling these fun projects soon.  I am already working on my family wall for a large wall in our bedroom hallway.
More Inspiration
I think I will have to get myself one of those comforters/duvets/down comforter thingys.  I want my bed to swallow me up.  Any ideas?  I am on the hunt.


  1. I love your inspiration rooms. Have fun sprucing things up! I'll be waiting for pictures!


  2. I love duvets Ziz ~ they are comfy cozy! Love the pictures and cannot wait to see your room once it is finished.

  3. I like your inspirations rooms. I really like the idea of the monogram stenciled on the wall above the bed.