Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cherished Momento

Have you ever had something that had such beautiful memories attached to it?  It may not have been the most beautiful item or something another would look at and say, "I want that!" but something that held a special memory for you.  Well, I have a few of those and they are attached to my grandma Minnie.  Yes, her name was Minnie and my grandpa was Izzy.  So, it was Minnie and Izzy Gold (just like their hearts).  I loved them to pieces.  I think that is where I channel my creative side, from Minnie.  We would make jewelry and crafts together.  Go to Craft fairs.  I even recall one year when I was living in NY and she in her retirement community of Sun City, Arizona I decided unexpectedly to fly out for Thanksgiving.  The whole family would be coming to her annual Thanksgiving dinner (some from San Diego and others from AZ).  She told no one because it was our little secret (not even my own mother) and when I arrived at an early hour she was delighted to open the door to announce me.  She was truly the best, like no other.

So, when she passed away 11 years ago I was devastated, but that is for another posting about love and life.  My grandfather was put into a special home for people with Alzheimers and they (my mom, aunt and uncle) were "dividing" up the things in their home.  They told everyone to "mark with a post it" what they desired.  I didn't wan
t jewelry and such as my grandmother had given me her wedding bands 4 months prior to her dying (of which I gave one to my cousin since Grandma didn't give her a particular piece of jewelry - but kept the origonal and sentimental one for myself).  I just want a painting she had in all of her homes since I could remember as it always reminded me of her, even to the point that my best friend's parents have a painting by the same artist and it always reminds me of my grandparents. Then I wanted something so profoundly silly but again, it was a fixture in her home.  
Where or where in my home does this fit?  It fits anywhere I want as when I  look at it I see my grandma and her quirky taste.  I absolutely love it.

There's a picture that I have yet to hang in my home, I think I know where I want it to go but not sure.  It's one of those things I just have to do.  I'll have to show you when I actually do it. I wanted to add it into the blog but it is still wrapped in bubble wrap in my room.  Maybe tomorrow I will take it out and hang it up.

Do you have something that floods you with memories, that you love? 

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