Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 Uninteresting Things that make me happy

Again my friend Mimi posted today about being tagged by another Sweet friend Simone to tell about 6 Uninteresting Things That Make Me Happy.  Now she did not tag me to tell all but did ask if I wanted (and you too) then please do.  I've thought about these and after reading a few I came up with what makes me happy:

1. The smell of fresh cut grass
2. A relaxing bath, with a glass of wine and a good book - oh and without any disturbances
3. Swimming, I love to swim, always have.
4. Sitting by the fire on a rainy day
5. Watching tv.  I love tv and seeing my favorite shows or some sappy movie makes me happy.
6. Falling asleep with my children on Friday nights.  We have a routine of going to a friend's house for Pizza(kids) and wine (the moms).  When we come home the kids and I hop into bed where they fall asleep (most of the time hubby takes them out).  I remember cuddling with my parents(and grandparents) and hope my kids remember that some day too.

So that's it.  If you want to share a piece of you too, go on ahead.  We'd love to hear about you.