Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Weekend

I had a really nice time Friday night hanging out with some ladies from my kid's school.  We had gotten together last month and decided to get together again this month.  It's going to be a new tradition for us to just go out and have a ladies night.  We had a great time, I have met some great ladies and had a night out to myself.
I got sick on Saturday.   I thought at first it was from the booze but then I realized when I was visiting the bathroom many times it was the virus that my dear hubby had the night before.

But I recovered.  Sunday had a nice time a friend's house.  It was sort of a new experience.  It turns out my son  has a good friend who ironically I know both of the parents separately from high school.  They had us over to the their pool and we had a very enjoyable day.  We are planning a Sushi night soon (will post more about that later in another post).
So, I had a wonderful weekend, despite being sick, now it is back to the Monday grind. 

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