Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp is here

I am so excited!  It is camp season.  The kids were excited today to go back to camp, see old friends, make new ones and have a blast.
Last year I was a little disappointed in one of the counselors or group of counselors that one of my children had.  It seemed to me they really did not care about my child per se and that upset me.  I let my feelings be known and "harped" a little at times about things I felt were important and maybe "overlooked" because I work there perhaps.  So I did not know what to expect this year, secretly hoping that a babysitter we use would be a counselor for someone in our family and just hoping it wasn't the same as last year.

Well, this am we go to camp and were greeted by AMAZING counselors!!!!  Bubbly, enthusiastic, excited to meet my child!!  I then come to find out later on when I met the group leader, she is amazing too.  She is actually related to a classmate of one of my children and is the sister of a woman (parent of child we know and are in class with) I know.   I am so happy!  I know it will be a great summer. (Meanwhile, other than the sunburn my child really had no idea about my being upset about the counselor last year as nothing was ever done to harm my child).

My other child's counselors are Kyle and I don't know and I forgot.  Interesting names, huh?

Still I am excited and then fell asleep 5 minutes into the ride home from camp, good day.

Here's our picture from last year as I am too lazy to go downstairs and get my camera to download the pictures.


  1. Camp sounds wonderful, so glad that you have a good feeling about it all :)

    Would love a UPDATED pic though please - with the new hairdo...PLEASE??!! ;)

  2. Hey, come check out my blog...a surprise for you