Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love to cook

What better way to feel good about being a wife and mother than to cook an awesome meal?  Well, tonight I did one of my staples but I haven't done it for a while so it was "fresh" and new.  I have been a mom that for convenience cooked my children chicken nuggets, I know gasp in awe, it is done.  When I stayed at home I would cook chicken cutlets myself and they were very good. They are very good.  I haven't done them for a while because my local shoprite does not have Murrays chicken and I like their thin cutlets (no after a day of work I am not pounding chicken).  I buy no hormone chicken from Trader Joe's but they are not thin.  In any case, I got the chicken the other day from another local "gourmet" type grocery store with Chicken Cutlet Parmesan in mind.  My kids do not favor "Sauce" but hubby and I do.  I make my own and freeze it.

I also make my cutlets with Panko bread crumbs instead and season it up myself (BTW I used some home grown Oregano from Mimi that I got as a lovely gift from her for the holidays).  They were awesome!  I made some rigatoni to go with it and it was a hit!  I do so love to cook for my family.

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