Sunday, April 19, 2009

Work is never done...

So after being out today I decided that I really wanted to move the slate stepping stones leading from the street to leading to our driveway.  Not permanently but temporarily until I got the idea as to how much I needed and how I wanted it to look.  So I started to remove the stones and relaid them the way I wanted to.  My husband was very reluctant but somehow I sweet talked him into digging them out and moving them. Most were easy but some were semi-buried in grass.  This is not the final product but the idea of how I want it to be.  I do want to remove those bushes as well.  I like the thought of doing it myself as it gives me creative outlet even though now and again I like to see what others have to say.  There is also this awesome yard on Rate My Space that I would love to duplicate in out yard along with a wedding's destination we attended many years ago in the Napa Valley.  I do look forward to making it look good and be mine.

1 comment:

  1. No, the work is NEVER done, as attested to by my incredibly sore body or the ibuprofen I just took so that I can get back out there today...
    {love} the slate and can't wait to see it in! Make sure to take before photos - something I wish I had done more of!
    Have a fabulous weekend my friend~