Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeling Good

Today I feel really good about my job.  I went on a field trip with my students to a duck pond and restaurant.  It was business as usual, normal activities for a field trip.  BUT when I went to the restaurant, I am sitting there and I see one of my former students.  I am a speech therapist for children with Autism.  Some students I have had were high functioning and some not so much.  I stopped having this student about a year and a half ago.  I was so happy to see him today.  See that he is able to work in a restaurant, have the independence and even recognize me.  He was so happy to see me. He looked at me at first, then realized who I was and then told me how he has to tell his mom he saw me.  It made me feel so AWESOME.  Like all those months and years we worked together meant something.  He did succeed and at some point I helped him get there.  It was exactly how I feel about my own children and their accomplishments.  That is the reason I am at my job.  These kids may or may not have great accomplishments but when they get it I love seeing that ah-ha moment - like it just clicks.  That is my reward and that makes me feel great.  I will have to keep this in mind for those days that it isn't good as a reminder that there are good days.

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