Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Besides loving my new skirt, which I wore today, I ended up doing some more "therapy" this time I did buy for my children and hubby (oh and a little nightgown for myself :) ).  I am not usually shopping all the time but the new season has me wanting new things for everyone.  To start off my "reasoning" for my purchase I must go back a few weeks.  You see, my dearest husband is a laundry whore.  He loves to do laundry.  He used to do all of our laundry and back in the day our nanny used to do the kids and hubby did ours.  When we moved and lost our dear Julie I did the kids and he did ours.  I cannot recall him ever ruining anything (the set up) however about a month ago a noticed some jeans for my daughter were missing.  I thought he was just not washing them since he selectively washes clothes these days ( you know just his and then 1 or 2 items from everyone else so he can say he did the laundry).  In any case when I asked him about the pants he says, "Boy it took you a long time to notice they were missing." and then showed me the pants that he washed with something that was very pink.  RUINED. I was devastated as they are the best jeans around and I got them last season for my best girl.  I said, okay I'll try to fix them.  So last week I ventured to Michaels and looked for some patches, sequins and embellishments to fix her pants.  I came home with visions in my mind. But this time really saw the damage on the pants, my handiwork would not work in the pattern of the magenta colored ink.  

Next step was heading down to the basement and working on the stain in the same manner I did when my lovely daughter left crayons in her pocket and they went through the washer and dryer - BTW if you ever need to know I know how to get crayon out of jeans.  Two days and nights of stain stuff on the jeans and one washing and VIOLA no stain! Yeah me.  But now I have this really cool stuff I want to work with.

Today, I found some really cool t-shirts and shorts and capris to embellish.  In the past I have spent lots of money to have stuff like this so I am very excited.  Stay tuned for these lovelies.

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